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Lifestyle in the Black Hills...

The Black Hills area is often considered the quintessential spot in the history of the old west. Here, the fortunes of the gold miners played out, Deadwood notables like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane became legends, ranchers from the eastern states and Great Britain came to feed the cattle on abundant shortgrass and the proud Lakota grappled with the arrival of foreign cultures to their sacred Paha Sapa (Black Hills).

But the Black Hills lifestyle is about more than history. Its national monuments make it one of the busiest vacation spots each summer. Its abundant outdoor recreation make it beloved by the people who call it home, year-round. And its remarkable bedrock make it one of the most sought after places for paleontology studies. Remarkable dinosaur remains--including the famous T-Rex, called "Sue," have been found here.

The Black Hills have been immortalized in film by Hollywood movie-makers for over 40 years. Students of American Indian culture and collectors of Indian fine art flock here to see Pow Wows and purchase the stunning native artworks produced by a myriad of local and regional artists.

Rapid City sits at the foothills of the majestic mountains, where the Ponderosa Pines and spring blooms, like the pasque flower, give way to the shortgrass, sturdy yucca plants and rolling swells of the prairie. The town itself is wound throughout by a swift moving stream, originally called Minnelooshkawapkala by the Lakota, which in English means "rapid creek."

Rapid City is not only the business hub of the Black Hills metro area, but also offers a fine selection of cultural, artistic and educational sites and institutions to make life in the Black Hills truly one of "infinite variety."